Monday, February 21, 2011

Situation Report: Vehicle Accident on Highway 82 East of Tunnel

At 2:40pm, High Rolls Fire and EMS was called to the scene of a single vehicle auto accident near the Highway 82 Tunnel. Traffic was impeded for an hour, and all parties refused medical assistance. The scene was clear at 3:45pm.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weather Update on the Mountain...

The snow's have finally cleared, but last week's storm was a busy time for us. At the height of the storm, High Rolls Fire ran multiple vehicle accidents along US 82, from automobiles sliding on the icy road. No major injuries were reported, but units were busy most of the day, and the highway was eventually closed to all traffic. Most of the problems were centered around the switchbacks near the High Rolls Tunnel and Scenic Overlook.

Time to Clear Your Brush!

Our forests and grasslands are overgrown, leading to anticipation that this Spring's fire season is going to be especially harsh. Today, the High Rolls Fire Department set the example by clearing brush around the station and performing a controlled burn to rid the overgrowth. We heartily recommend clearing the brush around your home to create a defensible space in case of wild-fire. It is recommended to clear brush back at least 30 feet from your home. The High Rolls Fire Department and Otero County Sheriff's Office should be contacted if you plan to perform any controlled burning. A fire truck can be arranged on request, for special situations. Interested persons should contact Chief Klaene for details.