Saturday, May 29, 2010

Situation Report: Chasing Smoke in the Lincoln National Forest

The last couple of days has been marked with a rise in the thunderstorm activity over the Sacramento Mountains. With this activity comes lightning. Coupled with the dry forest, it can be a recipe for a slowly simmering forest fire, waiting to burst into life when the right conditions present themselves. High Rolls Fire has responded to two incidents related to possible lightning strikes and smoke sightings within the National Forest areas.

The first occured in the afternoon hours on the 27th of May, and was initially dispatched as a possible structural fire in the boundaries of another adjoining fire district. The smoke proved difficult to located in the canyons of the Sacramentos, and in the end Cloudcroft, High Rolls, and James Canyon fire departments ended up being sent to search for the smoke. It was determined the source of the smoke was a lightning strike in the area of La Luz Canyon.

The second incident occured around midnight on May 28th. High Rolls Fire responded wildland apparatus to the area of Mile Marker 15 on Highway 82 for a report of smoke in Bailey Canyon from an unkown source. At first, a lightning strike was suspected, but it was later determined to be smoke caught in a weather inversion from a controlled burn. This burn was being conducted by Lincoln National Forest fire crews near NM Route 244.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Situation Report:: Lost Hiker in Fresnal Canyon

At 8:40 on May 7th, 2010, High Rolls Fire and EMS was dispatched to rescue a lost hiker located in Fresnal Canyon below the scenic overlook. The hiker was located and appeared uninjured. She was evaluated by EMS and all units later cleared the scene. The hiker stated they stayed in the canyon too long and darkness caused her party to lose their way and she ended up going back up a much rougher trail. It is good she was located early, as it could have made for a rough and dangerous night for the firefighters and the lost hiker.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Situation Report: Highway 82 Closed due to Snow.

High Rolls Fire was dispatched to close Highway 82 to Cloudcroft due to a late Winter snowstorm at 6:40 am. The Highway remained closed until the NM Highway Department snowplows could clear the road and travel was safe for motorists.